R&C – Rail and Canal.


R/C – Reconsigned.


r.&c.c. – Riots and civil commotions.


r.c.c.&s. – Riots, civil commotions, and strikes.


Rebate – A deduction taken from a set payment or charge. Because a rebate is given after payment of the full amount has been made, it differs from a discount which is deducted in advance of the payment. In foreign trade, a full or partial rebate may be given on import duties paid on goods which are later reexported.


Reciprocity – A practice by which governments extend similar concessions to one another.


Reefer – A refrigerated trailer or railcar for hauling perishables.


REFG – Refrigerating; Refrigeration.


Regs. – Registered Tonnage.


Retaliation – An action taken by a country to restrain imports from another country that has increased a tariff or imposed other measures that adversely affect the first country’s exports.


Ro/Ro (Roll-on/Roll-Off) Vessel – A ship designed to accommodate cargo that is rolled on and rolled off. Some Ro/Ro vessels can accommodate containers and/or breakbulk cargo. A Ro/Ro Vessel can be self-sustaining.


Route – An established air passage, from the point of departure to the terminating station.


Royalty – A charge on charter flights levied by some governments before traffic rights are granted. Sometimes called a “no objection fee.” It is usually a fixed proportion of a total charter value.