Tally Sheet – A list of incoming and outgoing cargo checked by the tally clerk on the dock.


Tare Weight – The weight of packing and containers without the goods to be shipped.


Tariff – A general term for any listing of rates or charges. The tariffs most frequently encountered in foreign trade are: tariffs of international transportation companies operating on sea, land, and in the air; tariffs of international cable, radio, and telephone companies; and the customs tariffs of the various countries that list goods that are duty free and those subject to import duty, giving the rate of duty in each case. There are various classes of customs duties.


TBL – (See Bill of Lading, Through)


Temperature Controlled Cargo – Any cargo requiring carriage under controlled temperature.


TEU – A twenty-foot equivalent unit (6.1m). A standard unit for counting containers of various lengths and for describing container ship or terminal capacity. A standard 40′ container equals 2 TEUs.


THC (Terminal Handling Charge) – A charge made for certain handling services performed at terminals.


Third Freedom Right – Where cargo is carried by an airline from the country in which it is based to a foreign country.


TIB (Temporary Importation Under Bond) – A U.S. Customs’ temporary admission into the U.S.A. under a conditional bond for articles not imported for sale or for sale on approval.


Time Draft – A draft that matures in a certain number of days, either from acceptance or the date of the draft.


Title, Passing – The passing of title to exported goods is determined in large measure by the selling terms and must be clearly specified and understood by both parties. (See INCOTERMS)


TL – Truckload.


Ton – Freight rates for liner cargo generally are quoted on the basis of a certain rate per ton, depending on the nature of the commodity. This ton, however, may be a weight ton or a measurement ton.


Ton-Deadweight – The carrying capacity of the ship in terms of the weight in tons of the cargo, fuel, provisions, and passengers which a vessel can carry.


Ton-Displacement – The weight of the volume of water which the fully loaded ship displaces.


Ton-Kilometer – A measure of airline freight capacity.


Tracking – A carrier’s system of recording movement intervals of shipments from origin to destination.


Trade – A term used to define a geographic area or specific route served by carriers.


Tramp – A vessel that does not operate along a definite route on a fixed schedule, but calls at any port where cargo is available.


Transport Index – The number expressing the maximum radiation level in a package or ULD.


Transshipment – The transfer of a shipment from one carrier to another in international trade, most frequently from one ship to another. Because the unloading and reloading of delicate merchandise is likely to cause damage, transshipments are avoided whenever possible.


Truckload – Truckload rates apply where the tariff shows a truckload minimum weight. Charges will be at the truckload minimum weight unless weight is higher.


Trust Receipt – The release of merchandise by a bank to a buyer for manufacturing or sales purposes in which the bank retains title to the merchandise.


Twin Plant – See Maquiladora.