Gang – A group of stevedores, usually four to five members, with a supervisor assigned to a hold or portion of the vessel being loaded or unloaded.


Gateway – A port of entry into a country or region.


GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) – A multilateral treaty intended to help reduce trade barriers and promote tariff concessions.


GCR (General Cargo Rate) – The basic tariff category which was originally introduced to cover most air cargo. It now covers only a minority, the remainder being under SCR or class rates.


General Export License – Any of various export licenses covering export commodities for which validated export licenses are not required.


General Order Warehouse – A government contract warehouse for the storage of cargoes left unclaimed for a designated number of days after availability. Unclaimed cargoes may later be auctioned publicly.


Gross Weight – The full weight of a shipment, including containers and packaging materials.


GR Wt./GW – Gross Weight.